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Certifier complaints

You can make a complaint against a certifier if you believe they displayed unsatisfactory conduct or professional misconduct in their role (e.g. inspections and building work meeting standards). You must be able to substantiate your complaint.

Complaints must be in writing and include a statutory declaration.

Make a certifier complaint

  • Complete the Complaint against a Certifier Form and return via mail or at a QBCC office
  • Provide a copy of your complaint and all supporting documents. These may include:
    • engineer’s reports
    • inspection certificates
    • approval notice
    • photographs.
Note - we keep all copies.
  • Supply a daytime telephone number.

Ensure you include details of the complaint and a statutory declaration so QBCC can accept your complaint. See section 190 of the Building Act for more details.

Can I make a complaint about a company?

No. You can only make a complaint against an individual certifier who is licensed, or previously licensed. You cannot lodge a complaint against a company or business where a certifier works.

Certifier complaint process

  1. The certifier receives the complaint.
  2. There is review of both parties’ written submissions.
  3. Site inspections may be undertaken.
  4. Possible recommendation of mediation.

Time limits for complaints

This depends on the time taken to review the written submissions, the nature and the subject of the complaint.

We must apply to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to start disciplinary action where professional misconduct has occurred.

Certifier complaint outcomes

We can apply a decision against a certifier for unsatisfactory conduct or professional misconduct. See section 204 of the Building Act for more details.

Defective building work complaints

This process relates to complaints against certifiers only. See defective building work for advice on complaints against builders and trade contractors.

Your privacy

We keep the information you provide to us during the complaint process confidential. However, documents and information supplied during the process can be subject to an application for access under the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009.

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