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Direction to rectify

QBCC can direct any responsible person or/company to rectify defective or incomplete building work.

We recommend you fix defective work before a direction is given. You should advise us of your intention to do this during the initial discussions about the item/s or at the site meeting.

Generally we will give a direction to rectify for all outstanding defective work items straight after the site meeting.

Ignoring a direction to rectify

If you fail to follow a direction to rectify within the timeframe we may take further action, including:

  • applying 2 demerit points to your licence
  • prosecuting you in the tribunal/courts (maximum penalty is $27,500)
  • fining you a penalty (up to $2,200)
  • disciplinary action in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) or the Courts
  • applying conditions to your licence
  • issuing show cause notices that may result in suspending or cancelling your licence.

Direction to rectify fee

If you receive a direction to rectify you will have to pay a $110 fee with your next licence renewal.

Reviewing QBCC decisions

Correspondence you receive from QBCC should state whether the decision can be reviewed. Review of a QBCC decision is done in QCAT.


QBCC's Dispute Resolution Process

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