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Non-payment complaints

I am not being paid – what are my options?

  1. Make a complaint for QBCC to investigate
    When we receive your complaint we may start an investigation to find out whether information given to QBCC by the contractor, under a financial audit, is correct.
  2. Try to recover the debt
    Contact the following organisations for help:
    • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
    • State or Federal Court
    • Industry Associations
    • Dispute Resolution Centres

    or commence a process under:

    or lodge a Notice of Claim of Charge under:

    • The Subcontractors Charges Act 1974 - It is important that you get independent legal advice before choosing this option
    • Subcontractors Charges Forms
  3. Protect yourself from further harm:
    • If you are a supplier, stop giving materials on credit.
    • If you are a sub-contractor, get professional advice about your right to stop work.

Make a non-payment complaint

Complete a Monies Owed Complaint form. Submit your complaint by:

  • Post
  • Fax
  • In person at your nearest QBCC office
  • Via email at – print and scan all documents (form and evidence) and attach them to the email in a PDF format, no bigger than 8MB

You must provide your details and all the required information for an investigation to begin.

We cannot return original documents so please send copies. 

What happens after I lodge my complaint?

While all complaints are carefully considered, we cannot pursue them all. To make the best use of our resources and increase benefits to the public, we target areas where there is evidence or where there may be potential loss to consumers. Refer to section 2.1 of QBCC's Compliance and Enforcement Policy( ).

We may ask the licensee to have their accountant review their financial position and show that they meet the financial requirements. As part of the audit the licensee must supply names of all the people who are owed money as well as the age of the debt. They must satisfy that their undisputed debts are not overdue.

You may receive monies owed to you because of your application to QBCC but there is no guarantee and you should still take your own action.

Will the contractor know who made the complaint?

Financial investigations are confidential. We will not reveal details of any person/s claiming they are owed money or any information about the investigation without their consent (unless required by law or order of a Court or Tribunal of competent jurisdiction).


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