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Insurable work

Insurance Notification Form
Insurance Policy Conditions Edition 8 (from July 1 2009)

QBCC Home Warranty Insurance must be paid for all insurable residential construction work over $3,300.

Commercial Construction is not insurable under the QBCC Home Warranty Insurance unless some of the work is residential (which may be insurable).

Who pays for insurance?

A homeowner pays the insurance premium to the contractor (generally inclusive in the contract price) then the contractor lodges the policy with QBCC.

Insurance premium amount

The premium amount is based on contract price. In some cases this may differ from the total value of the work e.g. if an owner supplies materials outside the contract. If you don’t have a contract (e.g. working off a quote) the premium is based on the total value of work.

The Insurance Premium Table shows the current premium amounts (including GST). 

Certificate of insurance

A Certificate of Home Warranty Insurance and policy booklet is sent to the owner when the insurance premium is paid. The certificate is evidence that the works are covered by QBCC Home Warranty Insurance and should be kept on file.

Insurance period

6 years 6 months is the coverage period.

The insurance starts from (whichever date is earlier):

  • The premium is paid
  • A contract is entered


  • Works commenced

Certificate errors

Contact us if there are errors on your certificate and we will send you an amended version.

Insuring multiple dwellings

For multiple dwellings a premium is paid for each individual residence being built or affected.

To calculate the premiums divide the contract value by the number of units. You can find the formula on page 2 of the Insurance Notification Form.

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