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Site signs and advertising

All building sites must display site signs that comply with the requirements of the QBCC Act (as noted below).

Who is  responsible?

The principal contractor is responsible for exhibiting the sign.


Your site sign must:

  • be clearly visible from the street
  • show the name you are licensed under as a contractor (under the QBCC Act)
  • show your QBCC licence number
  • be made of weatherproof materials
  • be bigger than half a square metre
  • have 50mm high print or larger.

Subcontractor signage

Subcontractors do not have to display a site sign. If a subcontractor wants to display a sign it must meet the advertising requirements.


An advertisement includes (but is not limited to):

  • websites
  • social media pages (e.g. company Facebook pages)
  • newspaper ads
  • brochures and flyers
  • ads on the side of vehicles
  • business cards
  • radio and television advertising
  • on hold advertising (when waiting to speak to someone on the phone)
  • posters
  • Yellow Pages ads.


Advertisements for building work must meet the QBCC Act guidelines, which state an advertisement must display:

  • the name of the licensee (either your name or if your company is licensed, the company's name)
  • your QBCC licence number (or the company's licence number if licensed) 

in an easily legible and reasonably prominent form for printed material or on the internet and in an audible and clear form (as clear as the rest of the advertisement) for radio advertisements.

If the advertisement appears on television or other 'visual' media, the licensee's licence details must be included in an easily legible and reasonably prominent form, or if spoken, it must be no less audible and clear than other spoken material contained in the advertisement.

Advertisements cannot include the QBCC logo, which is protected by copyright.

Unlicensed contractors and advertising

Unlicensed contractors undertaking building work must still comply with the advertising requirements. Advertisements must state the value of building work you are entitled to carry out without a licence.

Examples of statements include:

  • Cannot perform building work valued in excess of $3,300.
  • Cannot perform building work valued at more than $3,300
  • Only work valued at $3,300 or less

For advertisements specifically for pastoral and agricultural fencing (excluding domestic and commercial fencing):

  • Cannot perform building work valued at more than $27,500.

For Hydraulic services design:

  • Only work valued at $1,100 or less.

Unlicensed contractors cannot perform any of the following types of work regardless of value— building design, plumbing and drainage, gas fitting, fire protection work, termite inspections and reports and pre purchase building inspections—and should not advertise these services.

Advertising enforcement

QBCC regularly checks newspaper, brochures and flyers and websites to ensure advertisements comply with the guidelines. Contractors found not complying may face fines.

Site signage and advertising complaints

We investigate complaints about site signs or advertisements which do not meet QBCC Act requirements.

Fact Sheets

Advertising Requirements for Licensees
Advertising Requirements for Unlicensed Persons
Requirements for site signs
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