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QBCC's Better Business Tool Kit

Want to run a successful building business? QBCC's Better Business Tool Kit provides information to help you operate a successful business at every stage of the building game.

This kit will provide you with information on:

  • Entering contracts
  • Contract administration
  • Evaluating business processes
  • Recovering payments quickly and easily

Contract Management

Need contract documentation? Use our Contract Kits.

Domestic Building Work  

Renovation, Extension and Repair Contract Natural Disaster Repairs Contract Contract for Demolition of Residential Premises
   ​  ​  ​

Guide to Domestic Building Contracts Act (DBCA)

DBCA Booklet

Subcontracts (for domestic and commercial work) 

Major Subcontract Minor Subcontract Period Subcontract
 ​  ​  ​
Getting Paid - Having trouble getting paid?
Consider using the Building and Construction Payments Act 2004:


Info Kit


Did you know - It is an offence not to have the correct form of contract in place.

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