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Building inspections and approval

Building inspections

Building work that needs development approval will need inspection and approval by a building certifier.

Building certifiers

Building certifiers inspect a project before, during and at completion to ensure it complies with:

  • the approved building plans (approval of development permit for building works), and
  • appropriate building standards.

Certifiers can work for local government or in a private practice and they must be accredited. You check a certifier’s licence details using the online licence search.

Appointing a building certifier

In most cases a builder or developer hires the building certifier on a customer’s behalf and their fees are included in the contract. However, homeowners can directly appoint a private certifier.

It is unlawful for a certifier to certify or approve work with which they are personally involved as a builder or designer, or from which they are able to gain a profit.

Building certifier’s responsibilities

A building certifier is responsible for:

  • approving plans relating to new or altered buildings
  • inspecting construction work at mandatory stages
  • providing certificates of inspection to the homeowner, builder and local authority following inspections
  • issuing enforcement notices on building work they are involved in
  • giving final approval for a building to be occupied.

What is the building certifier NOT responsible for?

Building certifiers are not responsible for:

  • ensuring a builder is complying with their contract
  • quality control
  • town planning applications
  • reviewing the capacity of public utilities (e.g. sewer mains)
  • Variation of prescribed set-back requirements
  • granting practicality and disability exemptions for the installation of swimming pool fences.

Mandatory inspection stages

  • Foundations and excavation (footings) – before footings are poured.
  • Slab – before concrete is poured.
  • Frame – before the cladding or lining is fixed or masonry construction begun.
  • Final – when the building work is completed.

Find a licensed certifier

For a list of licensed certifiers, complete the list of licensed certifiers form and return with the $15 fee. Requests are processed within five working days.

More information

The Department of Housing and Public Works has information on:

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