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Queensland Home Warranty Insurance search

You can search to see if a property you are thinking of buying has a Queensland Home Warranty Insurance policy in place. The policy may cover defects that occur after you buy within certain timeframes.

Insurance search request

Complete the Insurance Search Request form and provide:

  • current and previous property descriptions
  • a copy of the registered plan
  • a copy of the building unit plan/survey plan/group title plan (for unit developments 3 storeys or under). The Department of Environment and Resource Management provides property plans.

Lodge the request form and documents with $38.50 via mail or at your nearest QBCC office. We aim to respond within 7 working days (if all information is provided).

Buildings covered by insurance

Types of buildings covered include:

  • house
  • duplex
  • townhouse
  • low-rise units (multiple dwellings of more than 3 storeys are not covered).

Queensland Home Warranty Insurance does not cover owner built properties. See selling a home you built or renovated for information about buying owner built properties.

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