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Buying a property where owner builder work has been carried out

After an owner builder permit is issued, notification of the owner builder work is placed on the property title for seven years. If you're considering buying a property which is being sold within six years of owner builder work being completed, the owner must give you a ‘notice of owner builder work’ before you sign the contract of sale. If you don't receive a notice, we suggest you seek independent legal advice.

Notice of owner builder work

The notice must contain:

  • details of the owner building work done under the permit.
  • the name of the permit holder who carried out the work.
  • a statement confirming the work was done under an owner builder permit.
  • the following notice - "Warning - The building work to which this notice relates is NOT covered by insurance under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991".

Notice in duplicate

The owner must give you two copies of the notice.The owner must sign one copy and return it to you on, or before, signing the contract of sale.


If you re-sell the property within 6 years of the owner builder work being completed, you must give potential buyers the same ‘notice of owner builder work’ before they sign the contract of sale.

Search for owner builder work

To see if a current owner builder permit, issued after 21 December 2007, exists on a property, do an Online Licence Search on QBCC’s website (select owner builder in search type option).

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