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Changes and variations

Variations are a change to the original contracted works. They can involve more or less work than stated in the contract, which can increase or decrease the work costs. Discussing variations verbally and not putting them in writing is a common cause of building disputes.

Recording variations

All variations that you and your contractor agree on must be in writing and signed by both parties before work starts.

Once the variation is signed the contractor must provide a copy to you as soon as possible (within 5 business days). The only exception is if the work is urgent and it’s not possible to provide a variation before the work starts.

Variation payments

The contactor must not demand payment for variations before the work has started.

Variations and Qld Home Warranty Protection

See changing or cancelling a contract for information on what to do when your contract is varied.

More information

Find more information on variations in Facts for Smart Building and Renovating.

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