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Pre-purchase or termite inspection complaints

QBCC acts only as an auditor for complaints about building or pre-purchase inspections. We cannot take action against building/pest inspectors if their report fails to mention existing damage to your property.

In this case you must take your own action against the building/pest inspector.

QBCC’s role in inspections

After you complain we can inspect your property and provide you with a report that you may use, in conjunction with legal advice, in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or Magistrates Court.

Make a pre-purchase or termite inspection complaint

Complete the Residential and Commercial Building Work Complaint form and include a copy of the:

  • pre-purchase building inspection/termite inspection report
  • current rates notice or title deed for the property.

It is important that you lodge your complaint with QBCC as soon as possible after receiving the report. Time delays make it difficult for us to prepare an accurate report.

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