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Replacement of an owner builder permit

If you need to replace your owner builder permit, lodge the Owner Builder Replacement Permit form with your payment of the replacement fee.

Owner builder work started without a permit

If you’ve started carrying out owner builder work without an owner builder permit, you can still apply for a permit. The application process is the same:

  • one owner completes the owner builder course
  • complete the Owner Builder Permit Application form and lodge the application including copies of all requested documents
  • provide a full written description of work to be carried out under the permit and provide a description of work already started.
  • Pay the application fee

Owner builder work completed without a permit

We cannot issue a permit once the owner builder work is done. If you carried out owner builder work without getting an owner builder permit, complete an application for Notification of Owner Builder Work Already Completed form and include the following:

  • current Title Search (no older than 30 days)
  • payment for placing the notification on Title
  • if the applicant is a company, current ASIC report

We will send you a letter so you can apply for development approval for the work. The letter also informs the Development Assessment Manager that no insurance premium is payable for the work.

If you carry out owner builder work without a permit, you may be issued with a fine.

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