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Apply for an owner builder permit

If you want to carry out or co-ordinate residential building work on your own land where the value of work is more than $11,000 (including GST), you will need to obtain an owner builder permit.  Owner builder work is not insurable work under the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.

  1. Before lodging an application, one of the owners must complete an owner builder course or get an approved exemption from the course.
  2. Complete the Owner Builder Permit Application Form.
  3. Lodge the application form with:
    • an original or certified copy of a current title search or Registration Confirmation Statement (no more than 30 days old) from the Titles Office or recommended "Title Search Distributor
    • proof of a completed owner builder course or exemption approval
    • proof of identity
    • payment of the application fee (if your application is rejected, we will refund 50% of the fee)

Who can apply for an owner builder permit?

Any individual or company who is the registered owner of the land can apply for an owner builder permit. The owner can also be a person or company who occupies the land under a lease or other authority from the owner.


A company must provide the application information with:

  • proof of company directors (Australian Securities and Investment commission
  • Company Historical Extract or Historical Company Extract)
  • all company director’s names and signatures on the application form.

Lease occupier

If you occupy the land under a lease, licence or other authority from the owner, you could consider seeking legal advice before applying for an owner builder permit.

To apply for the permit, the holder of the lease must complete and sign the application, providing all application information which includes:

  • the land owner’s details
  • proof of the land ownership, no older than 30 days (e.g. Title)
  • a copy of the lease agreement, licence or authority from the owner AND a letter from the owner giving you permission to carry out work at the property under an owner builder permit. The letter must include a full description of the work you intend doing under the permit

Description and value of owner builder work

Your application must include a full description of the owner builder work and an estimated value of the work, including the cost of:
  • materials (value can’t be reduced if discounted or recycled) and
  • labour (the cost a licensed contractor would charge you for the work)
Note – The value of labour can’t be reduced if provided free of charge.

Owner builder application processing time

We aim to process applications within one month of receiving a completed application. You should ensure you include all requested details and documents to avoid delays. If approved, your permit will be posted to you.

Notification on title

If you are issued an owner builder permit, a notification is placed on the land title for seven years. The notification shows any future buyers that owner builder work was carried out on the property.

The Registrar of Titles may remove the notification seven years from the entry date.

Applying for another owner builder permit

You can only have one owner builder permit every six years. In exceptional circumstances (such as sickness or severe financial difficulty) we may allow exemptions to this rule. Complete the Application for Exemption from the Six-year Ruling.


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