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Owner builder course

Before applying for an owner builder permit, the owner builder course must be completed by one of the following:

  • a person listed on property title
  • a company director (if the property is company-owned)
  • a lessee ( if the property is leased)

In some cases, you may be entitled to apply for an exemption from the owner builder course. You should apply for the exemption before applying for your owner builder permit

Course Providers

Owner Builder Course Providers are approved Registered Training Organisations that offer the owner builder course (see below).

The course delivery (classroom format or by correspondence) and course costs vary depending on the course provider. The owner builder permit application fee doesn’t include course costs.

The Owner Builder Study Guide is a valuable resource for owner builders.

AAA Abacus Owner Builder Online
Ph. 1800 427 407

Abacus Training
Ph. 0418 455 788

ABE Education
Ph. (02) 9798 5000

Boss Institute of Advanced Technology
Ph. (07) 5597 7016

Bryan Peach Institute
Ph. (07) 4053 2933

Guardrite Security and Industry Training Pty Ltd
Ph. (07) 5597 5527

National Qualifications Australia
Ph. (07) 4728 8233

TAFE - Barrier Reef
Ph. 1300 130 084

TAFE - Bremer
Ph. (07) 3817 3000

TAFE - SkillsTech Australia
Ph. 1800 654 447

TAFE - Southern QLD (Toowoomba Region)
Ph. (07) 4694 1600

TAFE - Wide Bay (Maryborough Region)
Ph. 1300 656 188

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