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Change or surrender your owner builder permit

Change of details on your permit

You can change some details on your permit (description or value of work) within six months of the issue date by completing an Application to Amend an Existing Owner Builder Permit form. You will receive a letter confirming the changes.

Surrender a permit

Complete the Application to Surrender an Owner Builder Permit form.

You can surrender your owner builder permit in writing at any time. Once you surrender your permit you can’t perform any more owner builder work on the property.

Surrendering – after work has started

If you start owner builder work and then surrender your permit, the following applies:

  • Any work you did under the permit is NOT covered by Qld Home Warranty insurance (including work done by a licensed contractor). A notification is made on the property title for 7 years.
  • Any work you or a licensed contractor do after you surrender your permit, is not covered by the permit

Surrendering – before work starts

If you have NOT started work under your owner builder permit the following applies:

  • We refund 50% of the application fee if you surrender your permit within 6 months of issue date
  • If you decide to have a licensed contractor do the whole job, you must surrender the permit BEFORE any contract is signed.
  • You can request to have the title notification removed only where the permit was surrendered and:
    • your building approval was cancelled­ — provide written confirmation from the certifier. 
    • you didn’t obtain building approval provide current council search letter confirming ‘current land status’.

Owner builder permit suspension or cancellation

We can suspend or cancel a permit under certain circumstances. Ensure you provide correct information with your application and abide by the conditions of the permit.

Owner builder work completed without a permit

We cannot issue a permit once the owner building work is done. If you carried out owner builder work without getting an owner builder permit, complete an application for Notification of Owner Builder Work Already Completed form and include the following:

  • current Title Search (no older than 30 days)
  • payment for placing the notification on Title
  • if the applicant is a company - current ASIC report

We will send you a letter so you can apply for development approval for the work. The letter also informs the Development Assessment Manager that no insurance premium is payable for the work.

If you carry out owner builder work without a permit, you may be issued with a fine.

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