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Changing or cancelling a contract

Changing contract value

Your contractor should tell QBCC if the value of work being done under your contract changes. We will send you an updated insurance certificate confirming the changes.

Cancelling a contract before work starts

If you cancel a contract before work starts, you may be able to get a refund of the insurance premium paid.
To be eligible for a refund:
  • the contract and insurance policy must be cancelled within 1 year of the date it was entered into.


  • the builder must provide us with evidence of the cancellation. An administration fee may be charged.

Cancelling a contract after work starts

It is important to seek legal advice before cancelling a contract after work starts, as it may affect our ability to assist you.

If you legally cancel a contract, QBCC may:

  • investigate complaints about defective work or non-completion items.
  • assist through Qld Home Warranty Insurance scheme with defective work or non-completion items.

See Contract issues for more information.

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