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QBCC Contracts

Domestic Building Contracts


New Home Construction Contract Pack

Recommended for the construction of an entire home (i.e. for Designated Stages Contracts). This Pack includes all required forms and schedules and a QBCC-approved contract information statement.



Renovation, Extension and Repair Contract Pack

Recommended for domestic building work on an existing home including renovations, extensions and routine repairs. This Pack includes all required forms and schedules and a QBCC-approved contract information statement.

Natural Disaster Repairs Contract

Recommended for repairs arising from damage caused by a natural disaster such as a flood or a cyclone. This contract pack includes a QBCC-approved contract information statement and all required forms and schedules.


Small Building Projects Contract

Recommended for minor domestic renovations and repairs priced at up to $3,300. Note - It is illegal to use this contract for domestic building work costing more than $3,300.

Contract for Demolition of Residential Premises

Developed specifically to assist homeowners and demolition contractors to record their agreement regarding the demolition of a home following a natural disaster such as a flood or a cyclone.

These contracts have been written in plain English and are specifically designed to make the contract process as hassle free as possible for you whether you are a contractor or an owner. The term 'contractor' may refer to a builder, trade contractor, construction manager or a construction management trade contractor.

QBCC contract packs are fully compliant with the requirements of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000 ('the DBC Act') which is the primary legislation in Queensland governing contracts and contractual procedures for domestic building work.

Under Queensland legislation contractors are required to give homeowners a QBCC-approved contract information statement, and a signed copy of the full contract, at the time a contract is entered into or as soon as practicable (but within 5 business days) after the contract is entered into.

It is an offence to withhold copies of documents from owners and QBCC will investigate allegations of this nature.

Construction Management Contract Information Statement

We do not produce a Construction Management Contract but we have developed a Construction Management Contract Information Statement.  This is the only contract information statement which has been approved by QBCC for use with construction management contracts for domestic building work irrespective of the nature or value of the project.

Subcontracts for domestic and commercial subcontracting

QBCC has a range of subcontracts that are suitable for use in domestic and commercial subcontracting.
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