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Service Complaints

We are committed to providing a responsive high quality service. To help us improve our efficiency and effectiveness, we place a high value on feedback and have a formal policy for dealing with concerns and complaints – see our Complaints Management Policy.

If you have any comments about the service provided or about our procedures we would appreciate your feedback. We aim to resolve complaints within 28 days of receipt.

Make a complaint

Fill out the online form and submit it.

You can also lodge a complaint with QBCC:

  • in person
  • by phone (on 1300 272 272)
  • by letter - post to:

GPO Box 5099
Brisbane QLD 4001

Unresolved Complaints

If your complaint has not been resolved, you can contact The Queensland Ombudsman which is an independent complaints investigation agency. Their role is to ensure that public agencies act fairly and make the right decisions for Queenslanders.

Review Applications

If you wish to challenge a QBCC decision a review application must be lodged with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal within 28 days of receipt of the decision.

Complaints other than service complaints 

We accept complaints on a wide range of issues:

Public Interest Disclosure

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that encourages and facilitates the disclosure of unlawful, corrupt, negligent and improper conduct. We encourage any person who considers that he or she has witnessed a wrongdoing to come forward and report it.

We commit to:

  • Investigating the disclosure thoroughly
  • When some form of wrongdoing is found, taking action to deal with it
  • Keeping the disclosure informed of progress and the outcome.

In line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010, we have a Public Interest Disclosure Policy, that explains how members of the general public can make a complaint, provides general definitions and explains roles and responsibilities. For further information about this Policy please contact the QBCC Human Resources Division on (07) 3225 2980.

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