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Making an RTI request

Searching for information

We are committed to giving the community greater access to information held by the QBCC, unless there is a good reason not to provide that information.

Before making a Right to Information (RTI) request, you should check to see if the information is already available by searching:

Please note that information such as certifier lists and insurance searches are available for a fee.

Make a request

If you cannot find what you are looking for in a search, contact the RTI unit who can discuss your options for finding the information:
Address all RTI requests to:
The Manager
Right to Information and Information Privacy
Queensland Building and Construction Commission
GPO Box 5099
Brisbane Qld 4001

More information

For more information on Right to Information in Queensland visit:
Legislation replacing the Freedom of Information Act 1992 effective 1 July 2009:

Publication scheme, Privacy Complaints and Complaints about RTI staff 

If you would like more information, see Publication scheme, Privacy Complaints and Complaints about RTI staff.


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