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QBCC maintains a register of licensed contractors and certifiers. Information includes the licensee's name, licence number, business address, licence class status and disciplinary record.

A free licence search is available on the QBCC website. Select Online Licence Search or follow the link from the QBCC website homepage.

A certified copy of a licensee's full history can also be requested by downloading and sending a request for Certified QBCC Licence History form.

The Queensland Home Warranty Protection Scheme offers consumer protection when a licensed contractor performs insurable residential construction work under a domestic contract. Potential purchasers of an existing home are able to conduct a search of QBCC records to find out if there is a current Queensland Home Warranty Protection policy in place. This search can be requested by downloading and sending the Insurance Search Request Form.

QBCC's Building and Construction Industry Payments Agency (BCIPA) maintains a register of adjudication decisions. Information includes the claimant, respondent and a link to the decision document. A free search of this register is available online. Select Decision Search or follow the link from the BCIPA website homepage.

BCIPA also publishes monthly adjudication statistics. These statistics include the number of applications lodged each month, decisions released, applications withdrawn and applications outstanding. They are available for free on the BCIPA website. Select Reports or follow the link from the BCIPA website homepage.

BCIPA maintains a register of authorised nominating authorities and their contact details. Select List of ANAs or follow the link from the BCIPA website homepage.

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05 Jun 2013
Attend CIO Strategy Summit
$930 CIO Strategic Advisory Council Lance Oswald Employee Network/relationship building Ian Jennings
09 Oct 2013
Holden Corporate Event
$950 General Motors Holden Aust Peter Steinback Employee Networking product information Ian Jennings
16 Oct 2013
AIIA Queensland luncheon
$350 Salesforce Lance Oswald Employee Networking and industry update Ian Jennings
06 Nov 2013
Ticket to the cricket
$150 Datacom Trevor Fidge Employee Relationship Management Ian Jennings
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